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Asbestos Services Tasmania is a proudly Tasmanian owned and operated company that specialises in the removal, testing and disposal of bonded asbestos in residential properties on the North-west Coast of Tasmania. We are available to assist home owners in identifying asbestos related risks in their homes and offering suggestions and recommendation on the best methods to reduce or eliminate the potential risk of asbestos contamination on their property. Mesothelioma is a known killer and it only takes one asbestos fibre to destroy a person’s lungs. The ideal solution for any family is to eliminate the risk not just minimise it.

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Our specialists are certified and experienced in the safe and professional removal and transport of the substance offsite.  We strictly adhere to all relevant Australian and Tasmanian legislation regarding the identification, safe removal, transferal and legal disposal of asbestos materials to local waste facilities to ensure your home or commercial project is compliant.  Safety and protection of your family, neighbours and home is our priority and you’ll be guided through the process with informed recommendations to make sure your property is free of asbestos for good.

Asbestos Removal Help

The health of Asbestos Services Tasmania’s clients is paramount and of first importance to our team of experts. We are always happy to answer your questions and concerns and provide helpful tips and advice in the asbestos removal stage to ensure you are able to take the necessary precautions to protect the health of you and your family. If you require any of the following services in these areas we can help:

  • Devonport
  • Ulverstone
  • Burnie
  • Somerset
  • Wynyard
  • North West Tasmania
  • Circular Head
  • West Coast

Asbestos Services Tasmania understand that your renovation or demolition schedules are important and work to your timelines with our punctual and reliable team to save you time, cost and inconvenience.

Enjoy peace of mind and speak with the team today for expert assistance.  You’re invited to schedule your onsite quotation to identify hazardous asbestos materials at your property and discover the steps to safe removal.  Contact us today on 0418 135 439 to find out more.

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