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Asbestos fibres can be released into the air when products containing asbestos aren’t disposed of correctly. It is easily inhaled and these hazardous fibres can lead to severe illness and death. It is important to follow prescribed safety procedures for the handling and disposal of asbestos material to avoid putting your health at risk.

The expert team at Asbestos Services Tasmania are experienced in removing asbestos from domestic residential properties. Our specialists are certified and work to Tasmanian regulation when disposing the asbestos to ensure it is wetted and sealed in double layered, heavy-duty plastic before transporting and disposing. The asbestos must be disposed of at a licensed waste premises that has facilities for asbestos disposal.

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There are a number of legal protocols that govern asbestos disposal to remove the health risk to the asbestos removers, residents and visitors to the site. These include storing the asbestos waste safely on the premises in secure packaging and sealed containers. Soil that has been contaminated by asbestos must be wetted down regularly. To transport your asbestos materials offsite for disposal, the items must be in a covered, leak proof vehicle by a certified asbestos professional.

Asbestos Services Tasmania adhere closely to national health and safety guidelines for asbestos disposal to ensure your family aren’t at risk of asbestos exposure at any stage.

For safe and professional asbestos removal and disposal, contact the team at Asbestos Services Tasmania on 0418 135 439 or fill out the online enquiry form on this page for a free consultation or to book your asbestos testing inspection.

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