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About Asbestos Risks in Tasmania

Asbestos is a group of silicate materials that for many years has been minded and used widely in home and commercial building and construction. The product is flexible, a good insulator and extremely strong causing it to become a building material of choice since the 1800s. Asbestos fibres can be up to 200 times thinner than human hear making it invisible to the naked eye and easy to inhale into the lungs.

The Facts About Asbestos Risk

When asbestos is disturbed in home renovations, demolitions or extensions, tiny dust fibres are formed and can be breathedin unknowingly. The fibres travel down the windpipe where they can peirce the lining of the lungs. Due to the incredible strength of fibres, the body is unable to break down the fibres and they will remain in the lining for the rest of that person’s life.

Whether you have a brief single occasion of exposure or are in dangerous environments where asbestos is inhaled regularly, just one fibre can cause disease and death including asbestosis, pleural plaques, mesothelioma and cancer.

Over 2,500 Australians are diagnosed with diseases caused by asbestos every year. As a result, asbestos materials must be treated with respect, dealt with professionally and safety must be maintained of first importance. Always seek advice from an expert if you have any concern regarding potential asbestos in your property and be sure to avoid drilling, sawing or disturbing materials until the property has first been inspected by a certified Asbestos Testing Tasmania specialist.

Why Worry About Asbestos Risk?

Asbestos Risk in Tasmania

There is a large concern in relation to asbestos related diseases in the state of Tasmania. Numerous cases are emerging with related sickness and death brought about by lack of education, previous regulations and safe removal procedures. There is a high percentage of older fibro homes in the state that are filled with asbestos. These properties can be extremely dangerous for young families and inexperienced home renovators. If you even have a small suspicion that your property has an issue make sure you call us to assess and provide an honest and frank assessment before it is too late. When it comes to asbestos it is always better to take the precautions up front rather than regretting it later.

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