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If you have or believe that you might have asbestos contaminated products around your home, always take the position that it is asbestos until proven otherwise. If your house is built in Tasmania before 1990, it is quite likely that some form of the material will be present in your home.
Asbestos Testing and Inspections
Asbestos Services Tasmania can assist you in identifying and testing any samples that you are concerned about. Our testing specialist will visit your property and complete an assessment of all materials to confirm if there are any materials present. It is important this task is left to a certified testing specialist wearing appropriate protection and following legal sealing procedures so avoid taking samples yourself and don’t hesitate to call in the professionals should you suspect asbestos in your property.

This asbestos testing and inspection service for the north west coast is provided for a fee of just $35 and is fully refunded should you decide to contract Asbestos Services Tasmania to remove any bonded asbestos that is confirmed by the testing.

For peace of mind, particularly when there are young children in the home, this testing is the most accurate method of determining the presence (or absence) of asbestos in any products in your home.

Asbestos Testing Tasmania Experts

Our team would like to invite you to call our owner, Nigel  Harris.  Nigel is a qualified Asbestos Assessor and Remover and is able to arrange a time to visit your property and conduct an initial inspection to identify any asbestos on the property.  We’ll inspect the roofing, outdoor structures, ceiling, flooring, fittings, walls and more and collect samples to test at the laboratory.  Furthermore, we’ll then be able to arrange immediate steps to safely remove and dispose of the asbestos.

Call us now on 0418 135 439 to schedule an onsite inspection and asbestos testing for your property.

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