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Twenty to thirty years ago, asbestos was a very popular creating material and was being installed in homes, work environments, schools and healthcare facilities across the condition and country. The government, building sector and home owners were not aware of the risks of asbestos and the dangerous side effects of this fibrous material that causes life-threatening diseases.

Asbestos is a harmful fiber that’s utilized in creating building products for its strength and fire-resistant qualities however when ingested (usually through inhalation), the material can lay non-active in the airways and eventually cause disease and deaths.  As further research continues to prove the dangers of asbestos, removing this health risk from properties increasingly becomes of state and national interest.


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Materials of asbestos are extremely small and are not visable to the human eye. As the Tasmanian and Federal Government is increasing in their understanding of the dangerous nature of the material, asbestos has become a serious problem and protocols, training and certifications have been established to manage the protected reduction of asbestos from schools, healthcare facilities and government components. Work Requirements Tasmania are currently educating Tasmanian’s on the management and risk of asbestos as the country prepares to experience potentially more deaths from asbestos by 2020 that lives lost in the First World War.

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Just a few years ago, asbestos was regarded as a perfect material for growth and most homes developed before the 90s included asbestos elements. If your residence was developed or redesigned during this era, it is important to take the chance of asbestos seriously and communicate with an knowledgeable specialist to analyze and test examples to confirm your property’s potential threats. Our asbestos removal Burnie team will be able to manage the safe removal of asbestos from your property to protect your home.

Speak with a professional at Asbestos Services Tasmania and discover our experience and commitment to ensuring the North West Coast of Tasmania is asbestos free. We provide services for Asbestos removal Devonport wide, through-out Launceston and along the Circular Head region.  The professional team provide assistance with asbestos audits, assessments, analysis and removal and are happy to inform you in the process and steps required. Our qualified removalists conform to local and federal regulations to avoid harm to your household members, friends and others who live nearby.  Asbestos Removal Burnie Experts