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Health Threats

Even though asbestos isn’t dangerous when it’s unbroken and in tact, it becomes very dangerous once the material has been damaged and the fibres become airborne. These tiny materials are often unseen to the human eye but can quickly be trapped in the bronchi tissue inside the lungs and cause incurable, terminal diseases with symptoms often experienced decades after.  Studies have confirmed that mesothelioma also increases the risk of ovarian and prostate cancer, laryngeal malignancies and pleural plaques.

Economic and Legal Problems

Asbestos in your home can produce financial and legal problems for the property proprietor. By law, the property owner can be responsible for any damage to health or property as a result of neglecting or ignoring a possible asbestos element in the home.

Having asbestos in the home or not conducting asbestos inspections in a property built prior to the 1990s can also increase the difficulty of obtaining insurance policy, leasing the property or selling the property.  Our asbestos removal Devonport based team can assist you in understanding the problems and threats of any asbestos in your home.


Professional Asbestos Removal Devonport Service

DIY vs Experienced Removalists

If the asbestos is at any stage shifted or disturbed, immediate work should always be carried out by a professional company with experience in identifying, examining, eliminating and disposing asbestos. Removal by inexperienced home owners or unqualified builders can cause dangerous situations for occupiers and neighbours with health impacts far outweighing the small cost of removing the asbestos safely and professionally.  Our asbestos removal Launceston, Devonport and Burnie specialists adhere to State-wide safety procedures and follow all regulations including the use of specific equipment, clothing, techniques and disposal facilities.

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